Most Nights.

Most nights I laymedown with a simple "thanks" and a small smile and turn on my side pretending I can reach out stroke your back or neck or hold your hand in the comfortable plain between our restings Most nights, the rituals of putting the household to bed are simple dog, locks, thermostat music, lights … Continue reading Most Nights.

wordbomb: June 22.

In the secret chatter of summer mornings wing'ed wonder decode the night Warmed gardenfume exhales wild rose honeysuckle syrupsweet ballgown'd peony tall grass hands-on-hips nicotania Murmur the catbird frothing jay tempting warbler arrowshot swallow katydids with crickets hopscotch the ladybug quietly hums of children and wishes to grant In the secret chatter of my heart … Continue reading wordbomb: June 22.

wordbomb: June 21.

re·la·tion·ship riˈlāSHənˌSHip/ noun: relationship; plural noun: relationships. the way in which two or more concepts, objects, or people are connected, or the state of being connected. "the study will assess the relationship between unemployment and political attitudes" synonyms: connection, relation, association, link, correlation. My ear hears this poorly. My heartscar feels this in defense and … Continue reading wordbomb: June 21.