DJDawson 2015 acrylic on canvas Perception is a funny thing. What do you see?

On This Day: 2 April 2016. {journal entry}

It has been several months - including the winter holiday season - since my house has given me any remote sense of joy. I really (really) like this house. It's quirky enough to satisfy my disdain of cookie-cuttery and "normal" enough to reassure my faint desire to conform. Inanimate - how could it give anything... Continue Reading →

Breaking the Rules of Engagement.

What a curious thing to remember, today:  24 years ago, on this very night, as the temperature turned, my then-boyfriend and I drove from the south shore to Port Washington the all the way out to Port Jefferson - just to have dinner. He acted very peculiarly as he couldn't decide where we should eat... Continue Reading →

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