Trick, Treat, Bittersweet.

Two job screenings via telephone this morning (and well done, I might add.) One resulting in an interview tomorrow; the other, a "...we should know by Wednesday - please wait to hear from me." Ambient sounds playlist for Trunk or Treat: mixed, downloaded, ready. (I love Spotify.) Plotting picnic supper for this evening while contemplating... Continue Reading →


Sunday evening truth:  After two full weeks, I feel a bit lost. Maybe it will come and go, just as the realization I am actually here at all keeps knocking me over in unpredictable, powerful waves of 'Oh my gosh!!'  They rise up at the silliest times and catch my breath.  At the kitchen sink... Continue Reading →

Meanwhile… .

My DD (darling daughter) leaves for college this Friday.  I will not be taking her there; she has chosen her stepmother, stepaunt, and a female family friend to bring her and her stuff to school. As busy and happy as I am here -adjusting to new life/new town/New Job/cohabitating with Manfriend and his teenson, where... Continue Reading →


The last few weeks, this time of evening, when DD is singing at her lesson, I park in the big parking lot of the nearby funeral parlor. Way off to the fence-side where, for teens and other sacred hearts, the lot fills beyond capacity. "'To the fence!' it was that packed." It is not to... Continue Reading →

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