How a Toy Bunny Changed My Outlook.

This passage was read at my wedding.  Yet, it holds only the significance of being part of a tender, beloved children's story. A story not familiar to me until I needed something warm, intelligent and well-written about real love -- because *what in the world did I know about that?!* -- at the time, early... Continue Reading →

Breaking the Rules of Engagement.

What a curious thing to remember, today:  24 years ago, on this very night, as the temperature turned, my then-boyfriend and I drove from the south shore to Port Washington the all the way out to Port Jefferson - just to have dinner. He acted very peculiarly as he couldn't decide where we should eat... Continue Reading →

10 February 2015

​So I'm sitting at the bar (having dinner), three stools over from a happy hour talker. A cop between shifts, married awhile (to wife number take-your-best-guess), railing about his mother-in-law and her tendency to "just walk the hell right in.  What if I'm doin' my damn wife on the effin' piano?!?!" "Do I have a... Continue Reading →

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