Starbucks: Fireside Eavesdropping.

Dear loud nasal-voiced woman sitting over my left shoulder, Stop talking. Please. We three writers sitting quietly by the fireplace are cringing and wincing, shooting each other rolling-eyes about your "how annoying boss, Bob" and how late meeting invites were ignored. The rapid-fire banality of your workplace drama and gossip--Diana is a slut, AND she … Continue reading Starbucks: Fireside Eavesdropping.

Winter Blanket. March 18, 2013. [Poem]

  It is a falling-asleep sound snow turning unheard to blustery icy tiny cannonballs against the panes separated by damask curtains of black and white we go about our evening alterations one to blanket one blanketed both to rest a spell one to melt one to manifest desires and epiphanies in tomorrow's light. DJD 2013