entre frères et sœurs

Entre. French for "in between"; not "entrée" like the main course of a meal. Freres, brothers. Soeurs, sisters. You can puzzle-piece the title of this post.One of many outcomes of my adoption reunion was siblings. My sibling tribe grew, exploded really, from one sister - with whom I was raised - to seven altogether. We... Continue Reading →

Friendless and Fallen.

In the 1901 Directory of Social and Health Agencies of New York [State]..., Volumes 11-13; Volumes 16-19, in chapters titled Cheap Meals, Lodgings, and Baths and Reformatories for Women, you will find a listing for the place my first-mother stayed while pregnant with me.  Despite decades between the first mention of this "Home" for unwed... Continue Reading →

Gender and Appendicitis. Genderitis.

For a while now, you can custom define your gender in your social media profiles. Humans are no longer just "female" or "male".  This is what I learned this morning, poking around my facebook backstage looking for the "blocked" list while contemplating who I'm about to un-connect because I have no idea who they are... Continue Reading →


Written on the evening velvet, those words flew into the night through the vents of the car, gasping wider as I unfolded from sitting behind the wheel. Vacant and at peace, I headed toward the front door across the old gravel drive. All this trust in something greater than myself should teach me that Love... Continue Reading →

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