Rabbit Mother, Tiger Daughter. [Journal entry 6.9.14]

I am not going to fight. I am going to vastly improve my argument (and it's pretty damned good already). I am not going to point out the obvious (at least not obviously), and I am not going to name-call. What I AM going to do is be there. Be present, and supportive, and listen... Continue Reading →

October’s Waltz.  Poem.

​In pre-dawn still The wind comes once every Three minutes, bellowing deep in the trees Slow, picks up speed, then stops. dark ghost train winds down, swapping arrivers for departers Whose gossamer trench coating shuffle wet Leaves adhere, our front window stained chapel glass between worlds. Warm and dry, tamed storming, unpredictable rowdy Timetables of bluster... Continue Reading →

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