Rabbit Mother, Tiger Daughter. [Journal entry 6.9.14]

I am not going to fight. I am going to vastly improve my argument (and it's pretty damned good already). I am not going to point out the obvious (at least not obviously), and I am not going to name-call. What I AM going to do is be there. Be present, and supportive, and listen … Continue reading Rabbit Mother, Tiger Daughter. [Journal entry 6.9.14]

Clemency + Dispensation {Poem / Poetry}

Up before the sun (with good intentions) Back to sleep (with no intentions) Rise, shine, quadruped shuffle ground beans and hot water   sleepy-eyed talk of dance, and creativity what it means to be good at something to own what you put into the world without guilt or fear of being singled out   she … Continue reading Clemency + Dispensation {Poem / Poetry}


"...Prednisone may cause you to feel aggitated, even somewhat uncharacteristically aggressive.  Angry, even.  You may experience feeling restless and, as in many cases, you may have trouble falling asleep - or feel no need to sleep at all.  You may have thoughts of daring feats.  Do not obey them... ." Note:  You may lay in … Continue reading Rash.