Starbucks: Fireside Eavesdropping.

Dear loud nasal-voiced woman sitting over my left shoulder, Stop talking. Please. We three writers sitting quietly by the fireplace are cringing and wincing, shooting each other rolling-eyes about your "how annoying boss, Bob" and how late meeting invites were ignored. The rapid-fire banality of your workplace drama and gossip--Diana is a slut, AND she... Continue Reading →

Date Damsel. (Prosery)

January, the transitional girlfriend of the calendar. Not like the other months. Her personality a mix of closing a door and lighting a bonfire; bittersweet memory and new imaginings. You meet her and instantly you're comfortable--she's a bit of extended December. She is the palate cleanser, the slate-cleaner she looks the other way and has... Continue Reading →


I have a young friend, 18, who was ruminating on the untimely and sudden death of Prince Rogers Nelson (his full name eventually shortened to a symbol). "I only recently discovered Prince, too, so what is the point. What is the point in anything." Appreciation is the point (of most everything). That, and respect. He... Continue Reading →

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