Old-fashioned peony, Thomas Jefferson's Monticello. D. J. Dawson 2019. Hello to all you mothers out there. Hello to you and your Offspring, be they from your imagination, womb or another's. This post was started last weekend and it's taken me that long to get my thoughts in reasonable order. Early evening, on the way home... Continue Reading →

The I Ching and Me. 22 October, 2018

Funny thing. Many years ago, I went to see a clairaudient at the behest of a friend.  I’d been seeing, very casually and infrequently, a guy I’d met in high school (a couple years ahead of me in school).  As much as we got along, he had little clue exactly what to do with me... Continue Reading →

24 July, 2014. (Journal)

Some of you are dancing to stay focused on a single candle flame of thought. Some of you are wrestling with obligation and responsibility, and choosing indecision as the companion who leads. Some of you are up late pretending you're not tired or that, soon, sleep will come and the sofa will be 'just as... Continue Reading →

Portrait of a Family.

Christmas 2015, New York. I shot this with my big camera on an average setting. No flash, no filter and no intent, other than to, hopefully, capture a couple of moments decently, in sequence, in my pajamas, with coffee somewhere to my left.  Before I moved to Virginia to be with my partner, the camera... Continue Reading →


Might take a while but I think we all recognize the "good" in "goodbye".  Maybe not simultaneously or even assign it the same weight or meaning. Weightlessness is fine for wandering or aimlessly bobbing around, here and there.  But there came a desire to be grounded, certain, and that never happened.  It is then we... Continue Reading →

September 20. 

'tis a gift, this life. How the heck did I get so lucky to -be here (one smart mother). -know what I know (open, curious, insatiable mind). -shepherd my child (excellent karma). -be loved by a handful of stellar souls (and I mean honestly Loved -- in that 4 AM, unconditional, whatever-you-need, take-you-as-you-are way we... Continue Reading →

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