Things I could do better (as an adoptee in reunion).

Come out of the adoption closet.If you're kept in a closet, no one can know you. By closet, I mean, if your first parent has not told their family or other children about you, give them time to do so. Then, decide if you if you want a relationship with any or all of those … Continue reading Things I could do better (as an adoptee in reunion).



The last, and only time, she wrote was January of this year. It was as though she accidentally included me on an email with photo attachments, that's how odd and out of left field. But, it was family-related and it was sweet, baby birthday photos of an extended family member. It was nice, if not … Continue reading Ghost.


Old-fashioned peony, Thomas Jefferson's Monticello. D. J. Dawson 2019. Hello to all you mothers out there. Hello to you and your Offspring, be they from your imagination, womb or another's. This post was started last weekend and it's taken me that long to get my thoughts in reasonable order. Early evening, on the way home … Continue reading Bloom.