GhostWalk. (Poem)

​Among the stones today, I realized so much of my life remains virginal.  Pure, unexplored, blank canvas clean opportunities – awaiting my hand, mouth, heart to travel their invitations and enlightenments.  Above the crust. Among the stones, gray soldiers a’row silent senators convened by various ends, bid solemn tiding:  ideas brought here do not flourish;…

Cover Art.

Stillhouse Press selected one of my photographs for the cover of the newest works of Carmen Gillespie.  The Ghosts of Monticello should be available mid-October.  I am thrilled and honored to be part of this book!! for your copy. Cover photo:  Dar Dawson #poetry #recitation #slavery #photographersofwordpress #coverart #womenpoets #stillhousepress #bookcover #ghostsofmonticello

Prom Promise Mock Crash 2017, photos.

For those seeking pictures from last Friday’s Mock Crash exhibition, here is the link: WMHS Mock Crash 2017 Thank you for your participation. Stay safe, make smart choices. Dar Dawson ox