On This Day: 2 April 2016. {journal entry}

It has been several months - including the winter holiday season - since my house has given me any remote sense of joy. I really (really) like this house. It's quirky enough to satisfy my disdain of cookie-cuttery and "normal" enough to reassure my faint desire to conform. Inanimate - how could it give anything... Continue Reading →

Starbucks: Fireside Eavesdropping.

Dear loud nasal-voiced woman sitting over my left shoulder, Stop talking. Please. We three writers sitting quietly by the fireplace are cringing and wincing, shooting each other rolling-eyes about your "how annoying boss, Bob" and how late meeting invites were ignored. The rapid-fire banality of your workplace drama and gossip--Diana is a slut, AND she... Continue Reading →

Neil.  09.08.2015

What a strange place to be Sending intermittent thoughts Small prayers to 'wasband' he who was my husband On the untimely but not altogether unexpected death of his brother, Cornelius "Neal"   Named for their father   late last week, diseased liver and rattled core gave up and ghosted him to the other side younger... Continue Reading →

Tongue Tithed.

Is there a word that just plain annoys you? My friend and I had a discussion the other day and they confessed (a bit too enthusiastically) that "moist", "gleaming" and "awesome" are their peeve words. To each their own. Mine are the overuse and lack of respect from "guys".  "Hey, guys!" is used by everyone... Continue Reading →

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