Hericane. [sic]

In pre-dawn stillThe wind comes once everyThree minutes, bellowing deep in the treesSlow, picks up speed, then stops. dark ghost trainwinds down, swapping arrivers fordepartersWhose gossamer trench coating shuffle wetLeaves adhere, our front window stained Chapel glass between worlds. Warm and dry,tamed storming, unpredictable rowdyTimetables of bluster and agenda, measures of syncopated nature, theruthless spiced... Continue Reading →

Christmas Coffee in Syosset, Lawn Guyland 2015

Gimme... Yeah,...I want... Umgonnahaf... Lemmeget... . Tell you what I want. Are ya' listenin'?? Not a single please nor thank you. Not. One. And her daughter-in-puffy-jacket walked directly in front of me several times while carting coffee mugs to and fro, deciding a teacher gift. Not once did that 11- or 13-year-old child make eye... Continue Reading →

Starbucks: Fireside Eavesdropping.

Dear loud nasal-voiced woman sitting over my left shoulder, Stop talking. Please. We three writers sitting quietly by the fireplace are cringing and wincing, shooting each other rolling-eyes about your "how annoying boss, Bob" and how late meeting invites were ignored. The rapid-fire banality of your workplace drama and gossip--Diana is a slut, AND she... Continue Reading →

Neil.  09.08.2015

What a strange place to be Sending intermittent thoughts Small prayers to 'wasband' he who was my husband On the untimely but not altogether unexpected death of his brother, Cornelius "Neal"   Named for their father   late last week, diseased liver and rattled core gave up and ghosted him to the other side younger... Continue Reading →

Tongue Tithed.

Is there a word that just plain annoys you? My friend and I had a discussion the other day and they confessed (a bit too enthusiastically) that "moist", "gleaming" and "awesome" are their peeve words. To each their own. Mine are the overuse and lack of respect from "guys".  "Hey, guys!" is used by everyone... Continue Reading →

Welcome Mat. May 26, 2015.

Someone to come home to.  What a novel idea.   Why didn't I think of this sooner? Singlehood and I have been a haphazard pair going on 13 years next month.  Twice I seriously tried to cut bait and try a new, real, partner but neither of us were ready.  So, we have rabbleroused and... Continue Reading →

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