The Un-Natural Father.

A young male and a young female have sex. Years ago, a medium said my conception "feels like it was very...abrupt.  And aggressive."  I have no idea what happened only that the Female became pregnant. Male has no interest in 1) any relationship with the female past the one (was it more than one?) night … Continue reading The Un-Natural Father.

Once, When the Tide Was Low. [Personal essay.]

Full disclosure: I've been there. on the serrated edge of the coin one side stay the other, go. Several of you have, too. Whatever Divinity changed our course steadied us to remain, I am, now, grateful for it (though was angry and frustrated, then.) On the bathroom floor (it's almost always there, isn't it? Those … Continue reading Once, When the Tide Was Low. [Personal essay.]

Independence Hymn. (My thoughts on singing today.)

You know my father stands up and sings. And his mother, Melba Shorthill Bradshaw Dawson, she stood and sang.  Beautifully.  And I bet my newest U.S. passport your grandparents did, too.  Stand up men removed their hats (and still should) and sang. Singing our National Anthem is not about sounding good or "talent" or jazzy, … Continue reading Independence Hymn. (My thoughts on singing today.)

NaPoWriMo. On This Day. (Prosery. 8 April, 2014)

This life? This blustery calm circus of vibrant color and deepest freewheeling emotion? This wild Bossa Nova in 3-6-5 tempos of random kindness and distempered change punctuated by groaner punchlines whose menus never serve the same fare twice? This life where invisible wisdoms and sweeping awkward gestures of sweetest affection hold our hearts in most … Continue reading NaPoWriMo. On This Day. (Prosery. 8 April, 2014)