Independence Hymn. (My thoughts on singing today.)

You know my father stands up and sings. And his mother, Melba Shorthill Bradshaw Dawson, she stood and sang.  Beautifully.  And I bet my newest U.S. passport your grandparents did, too.  Stand up men removed their hats (and still should) and sang. Singing our National Anthem is not about sounding good or “talent” or jazzy,…

Destination. May 26, 2015

Heading north this morning. I try not to say “heading home”; leaving here is leaving home, and so is leaving there.   I come home to both places.  A life not divided but widened by space and time, and the exciting horizon of possibilities for all of us.   #charlottesville #amtrak #alwaysheadinghome

Prom Promise Mock Crash 2017, photos.

For those seeking pictures from last Friday’s Mock Crash exhibition, here is the link: WMHS Mock Crash 2017 Thank you for your participation. Stay safe, make smart choices. Dar Dawson ox