27 January 2018. It’s You.

❤ If you asked me five years ago, on a regular Saturday morning such as this, anything having to do with dating or coupling (outside of business or creatively contributing to something) or, God forbid, Love and such, I would have quickly changed the subject to you, your life and goings--on; or my daughter or … Continue reading 27 January 2018. It’s You.


Once, When the Tide Was Low. [Personal essay.]

Full disclosure: I've been there. on the serrated edge of the coin one side stay the other, go. Several of you have, too. Whatever Divinity changed our course steadied us to remain, I am, now, grateful for it (though was angry and frustrated, then.) On the bathroom floor (it's almost always there, isn't it? Those … Continue reading Once, When the Tide Was Low. [Personal essay.]

On This Day: 5 May, 2016. [Journal Entry]

Woke up staring "rushing" in the face. I need to stop rushing, nudging things sooner than later and believing sooner is better. Sooner is, possibly, rushed not better. Sooner is, perhaps, an escape hatch from discomfort. Go through, not around - that is the learning process: through, not around. Rushing causes accidents and butterfingers and … Continue reading On This Day: 5 May, 2016. [Journal Entry]