Ladle. [Poem]

Pre-dawn crickets telling tales of the evening's revelry  Ghoulish parties in the wood Mocking, the Jay banters and catcalls the Titmouse Rough coffee, home-smoked bacon Frittata in the oven A walk through the trees Wizards and witches finishing touches on tomorrow's hallow'd garments with little more than chocolate and striped corn we bid adieu to … Continue reading Ladle. [Poem]


Vow in Autumn. (Poem)

Nothing haunts me more than the things I never had the courage to say. Partnered with longing to take back spears thrown in the heat of battle, or the enmeshment of insecurities weaving a relationship fabric so warped, it serves as a battle flag to avoid that same slope and ditch in the future. Destiny.  … Continue reading Vow in Autumn. (Poem)

Moth. [NaPoWriMo 2017] 24 April 2014, journal.

Midnight sweeps a quiet exhale adieu the gentle vale drops mist across the moon kissing shoulders they turn away seamless pivot and undulation  peace, deep under the stars. The pause and kick reset of the old refrigerator familiar mechanism, hum a sentry centered in the dark downstair snoring lightly, pointing ground birds to flight the … Continue reading Moth. [NaPoWriMo 2017] 24 April 2014, journal.