Uncensored, untangling. Writing (for me, often enough): emptying one’s private cache onto magnifying paper, for examination and understanding, and assemblage.
A native New Yorker raised on the north shore of Lawn Guyland.

Late-summer 2016, she transplanted herself from Metropolitan NY to the foothills of the Blue Ridge in rural Virginia.

It’s a long story. Pull up a chair.

…when she’s not carrying a camera…

…on any given weekend morning, you will find her seated at a nearby diner counter having breakfast – also eavesdropping on the locals, almost always strangers. It is retelling and sharing their circumstances and quirks that draws her reading audience to chime in regularly with recognition and familiarity.

It does not matter if the yarn overheard is long or short, only that it is captured it as told, and that the storytelling does not get in the way of the actual story.

As an actor, my job was to interpret and deliver an already-written tale, performing as someone usually very different than myself. As a writer, my job is to record someone else’s experience in their voice, and to illuminate the connective tissue recognized by a larger audience.

A good writer will read between the lines, and spends a lot of time listening with intent to the raw, genuine essence of our humanity: our struggles, triumphs, our pleasures, pastimes, and our desires. I am an invisible eavesdropper, a capable and eager wool gatherer.  This is what I know, today.

~ Dar Dawson

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