Writer and artist Darle J. Dawson is best known for her down-to-earth, economic prose, and intuitive use of color in her mixed media artwork.

Her poetry was selected by the Performance Poets Association for their seventeenth annual anthology, and her photography graces the cover of
The Ghosts of Monticello: A Recitatif.

She is the author of two books in-progress, including Until She Comes Back and the related book Found Object. A graduate of Stephens College, Columbia, Missouri, she lives with her partner, and writes, in central Virginia

D. J. Dawson

Darle J. Dawson


Born in NYC, raised on Long Island. One child. After 20 years of searching, a reunited adoptee.

Email me: octoberationlovenote@gmail.com


Until She Comes Back

Copyright 2020, all rights reserved

To be published spring 2021

Found Object

Copyright 2020, all rights reserved.

To be published spring 2021

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