2020: A Year to Memoir Project

In December 2019, I signed on to work with Anne Heffron to help coach my writing into something, hopefully, resembling a memoir. We began in January, talking almost weekly for the last six months about process and personal truth and good storytelling. Today July 1 – the halfway point – writing something still feels very big but not nearly as impossible as it seemed when we first spoke late last year.

In our preliminary chat, as any good coach would, Anne ran my writing through several prompts and timed exercises to understand my abilities and begin fleshing out some goals. After which, I confirmed my participation, learned her expectations and process as coach/mentor, and began working on a general path to producing some work. We’ve discussed poetry and chapters versus sections and timelines, what’s meaningful to share and important to grieve or celebrate. The weekly check-ins have supported not only my goal but my learning and, I’m happy (and more than a little stunned) to learn there are two books in me, not one.

While the content is working its way out of my soul, the covers appeared in my mind’s eye, almost by magic or conjuring. I am excited to share these with you, with the understanding that I will likely self-publish, if they make it beyond my front door, and the covers may morph between now and then.

Regardless, I’m quite pleased to be able to put a proverbial face on the unknown I’m creating from the known-but-unshared.

Due Spring 2020
Original artwork images with companion essay/text. Due Spring/Summer 2020

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