Idiots On the Way.

Yesterday, during the early part of my shift, a guest shared a strange thing that happened on her recent trip to the Vatican.  Yes, the Vatican, in Rome, Italy.  Where the Pope hang out.

While there, another tourist attempted – and succeeded – to break the jaw off a famous and valuable dog statue in the Vatican.  (Really?  The jaw?  Thieving goals have hit an all-time low.)  However, Vatican security was quick to apprehend the vandal and that was that.  She went on to say that the Italian police officer muttered something in his native language, which translates to, “The mother of stupidity is always pregnant.”

I love – LOVE – this phrase, and promptly shared it with nearly all my teammates throughout the day.  (A couple did not quite grasp the brilliance of the thing, but the others did.)

And that was yesterday’s sparkling gem of the day.  Just thought I’d share. 😉





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