August 9, 2013. (Journal)

If Saturday is the last day of any week, then Sunday is the start.
That said, this has been (is still) a rather nice week, in all the weeks of this year.
A little travel, a little cooking, a little exploration (some unintentional, some very intended). One plot came to a close while ideas spring forth from those embers into potential for next year and beyond. Other ideas on different subjects begin to form and shape – it is amazing what a little shared time and conversation will produce.
My child, (a junior already?!) gathers steam to begin one of her favorite summer-into-October activities  Monday; returning as a Section Co-Leader; she could not be more proud or enthusiastic. It is uplifting to watch your children invest themselves, then reap the rewards of something so meaningful as music – or writing or science or medical training or law or chess or math or dance – regardless of “the thing”, their joy and expansion far outweigh all the driving and odd-hour dinners and late nights of homework. Happy kid = happy parent.
As for us, tomorrow, ‘good morning’ turns into ‘see you soon’, and we part for an unknown time; rails bending in two directions. One to the land, one to the water (in poetic essences. In reality one will rest while the other drives home.) Not that I’m counting but there are only three months and 18 days until Thanksgiving. (110 days for you pencil-sharpeners.) By then, the fruits will be harvested and the menu plannedI .  be happily ensconced in my new job (pending), and tucked-in with storm windows and blankets versus summer screens and single cotton sheets.
Happy Week End, and Happy Week Beginning.

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