To Tell the Truth. A conversation. June 12, 2014.

Acquaintance: “I had no idea you made art! I love your writing but I had no idea you make art, too!”

Accepting these compliments blushing, I explain (briefly) how I used to act a bit, too, and that I’d once hoped acting would be my life’s work. She thought that was wonderful and asked if I sang. I told her about that part of my background.
We chatted a bit more, about cooking and decorating, sewing and photography, until she gushed, in peony-fluffy sweet blooms of pure sincerity, “You are so talented! Is there anything you *can’t* do…?!”
And out of nowhere, without hesitation, I finally had the courage to answer that question honestly; that question, asked me by many these last 30-something years.
“Yes:  I am not good at trusting happiness without fearing someone will come and take it all away.  BUT, I am teaching myself that, too, and I have some incredible friends who are helping me learn I am worthy of happiness and good Love.  We all are worthy of that.”
She was, in a word, shocked. (As was I to have leaned into my truth, less fearful.)


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