Bluegrass Sunday.

My first Dailey & Vincent concert.

During the long-distance part of the LDR, this event every March marked a later Sunday morning phone call, especially if The Guy ‘ran squad’ the night before.  We’d talk after the concert was over, late afternoon/early evening.  I’ve heard about it, never got to go.

Until today.

Only seven songs in and I know this will not be my last.  The wild rambling country classics, the touch of gospel honey; rusty, dented-heart ballads and oaky warm folk – all good soul food for this North Shore girl.  And, damn, I love the banjo and mandolin together…and the guy with the velvet gravel bass voice?  Yeah, his singing is mighty fine…mighty fine.

Here’s a link to the opener.

Dailey & Vincent, opening number

Here, a few random shots from the concert.  Can’t wait until next year!

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