Green Room. March 18, 2014. [Poem]

There grows a restless punch.  My soul hankering anew, untried.

Nagging, prodding, its hum the underlying pitch louder every morning.  

It is the single, clear tuning note from which the orchestrations of life must swell and sing.  Courageous Departures, Outstanding Risks, Limitless Adventure – the score and soundtrack.  

Wake the birds! 

Wake the dogs, ready the steeds!  

We depart at Spring!

A new day every sunrise,

a hushed finale in grace

storytelling by the fires before bed.

Rest and eat well, my friends. 

She gathers her vernal skirts, dropping seedlings from her hem,

to begin her ascent 

unfolding her garments

until she turns to Summer.

djd 2014

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