Flailing Around the Love Floor.

Why should your heart not dance? -CS Lewis

My heart has two left feet.
You’ve seen it, I guarantee.

Have you ever seen “the white guy” at a wedding (or other party) who really cannot dance? He *thinks* he can – he’s downright cocky and confidence is his core, but he is really an awful dancer.

His feet are 20 places at the same time while he is hopping up and down on one leg, and his arms are flailing around in the air, crazy rubber man-tentacles that threaten to blacken an eye accidentally?

And that crazy bastard is *smiling* because he’s having so much fun and careening into others, the “real” dancers, so caught up in the music he’s having a religious experience right there. People are awed. Jaws drop.

Ask anyone if that guy can dance, most people will flatly tell you NO! (and think you nuts for even asking).

Ask me.
I’ll tell you.
He cannot dance, they’re right.
But he can fly with great delight and not care about the steps, and travel well outside what you and I understand as “happiness.”

That guy? With the loosened tie, rolled shirtsleeves, sweaty brow and mile-wide crazy-eye smile?

That is my heart with two left feet, dancing. Wild and uninhibited and high off the ground.

Take my hand.
The music’s about to begin.
(And let’s try not to lose an eye, shall we?)

DJD 2014

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