​It happened so suddenly

coursing quietly

marrow swift

to that delicate, sturdy area just below skin

On other days, it is merely an itch or twitch.

But this – this was bigger.
Long-reach from my birth to the sun

piercing snowclouds unfolding

a late day blanket and citizen’s curfew.

Tasteless in its satisfaction
suspending the recent emptiness and restless brain-scatter 

fought several weeks –

despite interruption of Thanksgiving, despite distractions of mothering and employ

the distant rattle of January’s cage about to burst.

No color 
bright as day

an August shore

hot cast iron oil, 

quickening pulse, pushing a smile.

– sepia grey Decemberist’s afternoon ledger, 

– on “just” another day, 

– in “just” another moment 

– skirting by in 6/8 time, 

was bliss.
From Great Nowhere it came. 
Sat mid-chest,

and weakened all efforts to detach

to attend and feel as little as possible.

Randomly repeatings of some funny leftover from the week before
still pealing laughter from humor’s fruit

an inquiry of well-being 

a nod to existing at all – in any small way 

– in every grace.

And there it was, bliss
for just a moment.

fresh summer’s mint leaf picked on the way through the weeds. 

Perfect robin’s egg, blue as the sky’s eye

Hawk feather, rumpled denim shirt, a fire bed ember, thickly wooled socks

a firm rough hand across my most treasured skin.

It was, for a moment, bliss.
And it was.
DJDawson 2013

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