Voting in My New Hometown.

While in Election Official training earlier this week, we discussed some curious things, particular to this election.

  • Many voters may choose to NOT vote for either presidential candidate. We have two proposed Constitutional Amendments here in VA and those can be voted, ballot submitted, without any vote for president. I found it interesting that a voter need not actually select either candidate. Of course, why give your vote away by not making any choice? Regardless of politics, I will vote (even if I don’t like either candidate this time around).
  • We were told to be prepared for voters entering the polling place with their firearms – more so than previous elections – and instructed on what is appropriate – and inappropriate – gun handling, and what constitutes “brandishing a weapon”. We will be provided with law enforcement contacts and avenues of assistance should anything happen. Let’s hope not.
  • I learned what a “sovereign citizen” is, and that they are allowed to vote regardless of their feelings about paying federal and/or state taxes or whether or not they see themselves as card-carrying Americans. We don’t see too many sovereign citizens anymore, but they’re around.

My father spent many elections at the polls, assisting voters with sign-in and ballot disbursement, standing up for his constitutional right to vote and adding his .02 to our government process. This year is my first time at the polls as an Election Official. I will vote an absentee ballot this coming Monday, at the election office, and the 15+ hours at my designated polling place on November 8th will be an interesting day, for sure.

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