Weight Loss.



Take only – ONLY – what speaks to you now, speaks to who you are, now.

At 52, do I plan to drag out my old Girl Scout vest or Brownie sash, replete with child-sewn attached badges?  (At 52, is this when we begin anticipating grandchildren?  Same age friends, few, granted, are already grandparents; my child is barely beginning college.)

Wouldn’t it be a hoot if we used our Scout badges as dating website profile material?  Post a picture of your merit badges and task accomplishments so people can see what you’ve got to offer?  According to my old felt vest, I’m loyal, honest, able to grill and make mischief; I can bake, skate (ice), sew, camp and sail (a custom made badge, if you look closely). I can make toys/dolls, am good on a bike, can swim, navigate, do hand sewing and needlepoint, know folklore and am a team player. Childcare, first aid, puppetry [shown below] and my most favorite, of course, humor (small, spritely elf-shoe badge).

It’s official:  I’m funny.  Even received The Badge to prove it.

This is frighteningly accurate, by the way.  If I ever return to the dating pool (hopefully never), I’m going to wear this vest…or something like it.  Like plumage; fellow birds of interest will recognize my attributes from 50 paces.

Once an actor, do I keep the past stills of early regional work?  Below, a favorite from ‘Goodbye, Charlie’ (me, Charlie).  Engaged, not yet married, acting every weekend and working at Merrill Lynch, Pierce, Fenner & Smith during the week.  Busy girl.

Back to the garage to review and edit and lose more weight of the last.  It’s probably good karma to let it go.  Sweating in this August sweltering doesn’t hurt, either.


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