So I’m laying here in bed trying to decide whether I’m tired enough to sleep or if I’m going to spend 90 minutes surfing the internet or playing Words or trying to find something stimulating in terms of un-election stuff…when, really, my thoughts are on what’s happening now and what’s on the horizon.

Less than double digits away from the big truck pulling up to my house to take my life southward.

I really need to buckle down and just get $#it done, as they say in Clint Eastwood movies. Damn, I am SO ready to leave everything behind and start anew; then again, I’m bringing only the things, and friendships, I absolutely adore and that support my path…and there are more of those than I ever knew. ❤

It's still going to be more tangibles than I should bring… but it won't be a lot of junk or things from the busted marriage; ideas and scraps I honestly believed my duty to mend.

How can ONE person mend the wreckage made by two? I can only repair what is in my control: become a better choice-maker; boost self esteem; decide whether I like something or someone (before bringing it/them into my life) – let people earn their proximity; don't believe everything (especially when sleep deprived or lonely), and get plenty of sleep, laughter and exercise.

This time, no regrets.
No worry.
No doubt.
No looking back.

Sweet Jesus, does this feel amazing.
Yes, it really does.

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