Funny how our past whispers to our future. Playfully hinting but not giving it all away. If we could learn to listen to that voice when it speaks, we might live in joy a bit more.

I wrote the following two years ago on this date but can’t recall today what for or why. Clearly inspired by something good.

Today, amidst much change, I feel hope and excitement, a healthy dose of fear, and a lot of anticipation.

8 July 2014 (and today)

It’s almost over. Not the segue I’d imagined, but better. Far, far better.

The end of a long chapter started in the autumn of 2001 when unforeseen forces played our hands; forced cards we never knew we held. Since that time I have played it safe, played it nice, played it every which way: predictable, respectable, ladylike, educated, re-educated, stupid, mindless, penniless, abundant; solo, paired, ambivalent (a lot of that); depressed, lower-than-depressed, euphoric (but only for moments, never full minutes or days). And, all ways, protective, measured, calculated, reserved and withholding light, magic, authenticity (which unfolds like new leaves if you let it).

It’s almost over.
But, it’s almost beginning, too.

I am so excited about everything. It’s been a long time but I am ready.

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