wordbomb: June 22.

In the secret chatter of summer mornings
wing’ed wonder decode the night

Warmed gardenfume exhales
wild rose
honeysuckle syrupsweet ballgown’d peony
tall grass
hands-on-hips nicotania

Murmur the catbird frothing jay
tempting warbler arrowshot swallow
katydids with crickets hopscotch
the ladybug quietly hums
of children and wishes to grant

In the secret chatter of my heart
ancestral incantations decode the way

gently weathered carousel horses
mountbacks in rich garments of then and when
through suncurtains
patient underground railroads of trust
inhaling yes,
embedding memories into the year
quietly humming of giftgiving
and gratitude for the chance
to sing, aloft.

-Dar Dawson

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