Shaking My Head. [14 Dec 2014

…a memorable day, notsomuch.
This evening delivered a little too much excitement. Law enforcement. 100+ kids on our street. A maliciously thrown rock through my neighbor’s front window for folly. Half a dozen homes on our street calling for more police (the first car appeared 50 minutes after my first call; I called twice). A young man beating and mistreating a young woman as peers looked on as if this were normal, acceptable. Her shrieks, hairraising. Kids standing in front yards, tromping through gardens, breaking fences, breaking bottles in the street. When they finally left the host house: totally destroyed furniture, the chandelier torn from the ceiling, irreplaceable family antiques in splinters.
What was this? A young teen on our block told “a few people” her parents would be out tonight and that she was having a party. “Tell everyone!” The party was out of control by 7:45pm It ended before 10:00pm but the cops are still circling around as one of the boys supposedly had/has a gun, and another threatened the life of my neighbor, the hostess’ father. They were hiding between houses…
I feel awful for the parents, listening to their daughter blatantly lie to them about how all those kids “just showed up here”.  I’d be livid.
I feel deep gratitude for my child…and our dog who barked all night.

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