Hericane. [sic]

In pre-dawn stillThe wind comes once everyThree minutes, bellowing deep in the treesSlow, picks up speed, then stops. dark ghost trainwinds down, swapping arrivers fordepartersWhose gossamer trench coating shuffle wetLeaves adhere, our front window stained Chapel glass between worlds. Warm and dry,tamed storming, unpredictable rowdyTimetables of bluster and agenda, measures of syncopated nature, the ruthless … Continue reading Hericane. [sic]


Things I could do better (as an adoptee in reunion).

Come out of the adoption closet.If you're kept in a closet, no one can know you. By closet, I mean, if your first parent has not told their family or other children about you, give them time to do so. Then, decide if you if you want a relationship with any or all of those … Continue reading Things I could do better (as an adoptee in reunion).