Nostalgia Table. (draft)

Thanksgiving will be small this year but not infelicitous. Which is to say there will be three of us seated at the table, not the double-digit chair count of my childhood or some of the years during my time as a Wife. Though several others were invited, they've all found holiday homes for the day … Continue reading Nostalgia Table. (draft)

Not breathing too much.

We're not supposed to disrupt your life. We're supposed to fit-in beautifully. Fill a gap, a hole in your heart, in your life. Baby caulk. We were in need of rescue, shelter, family (which we have before we meet, by the way, before you erase that history or change our names, deny our heritage, replace … Continue reading Not breathing too much.

Hericane. [sic]

In pre-dawn stillThe wind comes once everyThree minutes, bellowing deep in the treesSlow, picks up speed, then stops. dark ghost trainwinds down, swapping arrivers fordepartersWhose gossamer trench coating shuffle wetLeaves adhere, our front window stained Chapel glass between worlds. Warm and dry,tamed storming, unpredictable rowdyTimetables of bluster and agenda, measures of syncopated nature, theruthless spiced … Continue reading Hericane. [sic]